Need help?

Need help? What can ESSM do for you?

You might not be interested to participate in our project for your own reasons. Humanitas ESSM is still here for you, should you need support in your work and life.
ESSM is operating Door2Door which is an information and service centre for sex workers who work or live in the Rotterdam area. When you visit Door2Door you will be welcomed by one of our enthusiastic colleagues, many of which are or have been active in providing erotic services themselves. There you can seek practical advice on sex work, receive social support on a personal level, get legal advice, have regular STI-screenings, attend a workshop or simply have a talk with someone. You can find out more information about the centre and its activities here.

In case you are dealing with some issues that might require the help of a social worker the ESSM can help you too. Perhaps you have debts, problems with your residential status, you are feeling down, you have relational problems or you have other problems that keep you worried. At the ESSM there are specialized professional social workers in both the topic of sex work (PMW) as in the topic of sexual and gender diversity (LHBTI+-Support). Call 010-2365212 to be put in contact with a social worker from either PMW or LHBTI+-Support. After an intake, you can be matched with your own contact person that will work together with you, as long as needed, on reaching the goals for change that you might want for yourself in the area of for example, finances, housing and psychological and social wellbeing. You do not need to pay for the help of the social worker and you can stay anonymous when you want. If you prefer, the colleagues at Door2Door can also help you get in touch with one of the social workers.

If reading all this you want to participate in our research and, further, you are interested in becoming active with us more often, you might be interested in volunteering for Door2Door or at other projects of the ESSM, or in joining the Sex Work Advisory Committee. Door2Door has set-up an advisory committee comprised of sex workers of all genders. The advisory committee aims to represent the community of sex workers in Rotterdam and to process their voices and experiences in solicited and unsolicited advice to, among others, the municipality, the police, and social services. You can always decide the level of anonymity you want to maintain for yourself as a member of this committee. The committee meets once a month and its members are compensated for their attendance.

Please feel free to contact Door2Door is you would be interested in either volunteering at Door2Door or becoming part of the advisory committee.

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