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Welcome to the Pays*x 010 Project!

Do you identify as a man? Are you currently earning money through sex work, or have you done so in the past? Would you like to contribute to a research project on paid sexual services offered by men in Rotterdam? Would you feel comfortable to anonymously share your experiences on your work, how it interacts with your personal and social life, or what could be done by official authorities to improve the lives of men who sell sexual services?
Then we are looking for you!
The Municipality of Rotterdam has asked us to explore the wants and needs of men providing sexual services in the area. We want to put together an informative and representative report that will showcase the diversity of this group to the greatest extent possible, so we would like to hear the stories, experiences, and advice of all sex working / escorting / paydating men in Rotterdam who are willing to share them with us.

Who are we?

The Pays*x 010 project is part of the Expertise centre Sexuality, Sex work and Human Trafficking Center (ESSM: Expertisecentrum Seksualiteit, Sekswerk en Mensenhandel) of Humanitas Foundation. From the ESSM support is provided to (men) sex workers through our team of specialized social workers and experts by experience. This concerns sex work in the broadest sense of the word; pay dating, escorting, webcamming, erotic performing, pornography, sugar dating – you name it! The ESSM is a social welfare institution that operates from a sex work-positive perspective where we see sex work as work, regardless of whether someone is a full-time, part-time, or incidental sex work professional. We stand up against discrimination and stigmatization of sex workers.

The following people are involved in the implementation of the Pays*x 010 project.

Anke: Besides working on this project, Anke works at Door2Door, the community centre for sex workers in Rotterdam, where free and anonymous information, workshops and support are offered. Besides this she works as an educator, for example by offering training to social and medical professionals about supporting sex workers without judgement. Together with Chris and Frank she regularly visits places, online and offline, where sex workers might be active.

Chris: Chris moved to the Netherlands about six years ago to study and has been escorting for the greatest part of this time. He has great, and not so great, experiences with his work and is passionate about improving the conditions of it. He joined our team as a community peer lending his sex worker’s perspective. You can find him hanging out on HUNQZ with our project’s profile.

Frank: Besides working with Anke and Chris, Frank runs both The Hang-Out010 and the Transchoir010. The first is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ youth in Rotterdam. The Transchoir010 focusses on providing a place for trans people to connect through music and song. You can also run into Frank on online platforms like Grindr and Bullchat where he is available to help provide answers to any questions you might have.

You can contact us at any time if you want more information about the project or if you want to ask something about sex work. You can click on our names to send a direct whatsapp message, or email us through paysx@stichtinghumanitas.nl

In the following pages you can find out how you can participate in this research project, where you can find more information on escorting, and what ESSM can do for you.

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