Contribute? How can you participate in the project?

We want to have the input of an as diverse as possible group of men selling sexual services in Rotterdam. A representative group of interviewees would make the results of our research truly useful to the local community. Whether you do it occasionally or as a full-time job, whether you are Dutch, an immigrant or a refugee status holder, cis or trans, older or younger, we want to interview you!

To find people for our research we often hang out on websites where guys advertise their services. If you receive a message from us, please take a look at it! If we have not reached out to you, though, you do not have to wait for that. Feel free to contact us at any time using the following email address: Anke, Frank, or Chris will soon come back to you with more details. You can also click on our names on the homepage to send us a direct whatsapp message.

What can you generally expect from an interview?

First, a warm cup of coffee. Then, …
The interviews usually take place at the premises of Door2Door and they can be conducted in Dutch or English, depending on which language you feel more comfortable to express yourself with. If needed however, we can also make use of the use of a professional interpreter in many languages. Due to the always changing COVID-19 regulations, we are prepared to have interviews through ZOOM, Skype, or similar services. Regardless of the regulations, if you feel more comfortable having an online interview, we can arrange that.

The total duration of the interview is roughly an hour to 1,5 hour. Sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more. We will ask your permission to voice-record the interview to be able to accurately transcribe it afterwards. Once the anonymized transcription is done, the voice recordings are deleted. If you feel uncomfortable with recording, we can keep notes.

During the interview, you may answer only questions you feel comfortable with and skip others. At any point of the interview, you can decide to stop it, or cancel altogether – no questions asked. After the interview, if you think you would like to have something you said removed, we can do that for you.

For your participation in our project, we can offer a small compensation of 30 euros.

What about privacy?
Whatever you share with us, will stay with us. The interview transcriptions may only be used for the purposes of this research and cannot be shared with anyone else without your expressed consent. The interviews will be used as anonymous input for the final public document we will create, and nowhere will your name or a description of you appear on them. Your anonymity and privacy are our utmost concern!

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